EpiCor Whole Food Fermentate

EpiCor Whole Food Fermentate

The root of a healthy diet is the use of whole foods. Processed foods remove a lot of plant materials that are more beneficial. Thus, diets rich in unprocessed or whole foods allow our bodies to use the whole part of the plant. When wheat, rice or other grains are processed we lose beneficial essential nutrients. What is even better for our immune and digestion system is fermented whole foods. Fermented whole foods help cultivate and build up the good bacteria in our digestion system. A healthy digestion system can lead to a healthy immune system.

One of the main ingredients in Buried Treasure Prevention ACF is unprocessed whole food fermentate commercially known as EpiCor. EpiCor is a whole food fermentate which means it is minimally processed and refined. It is not considered an extract or chemically synthesized because EpiCor is created by a proprietary fermentation process.

EpiCor begins with natural baker’s yeast, which has been used to make bread, wine and other foods. However, through the natural fermentation process new compounds are created such as beneficial beta glucans. EpiCor is comprised of proteins, fibers, vitamins, beta glucans among other ingredients with many benefits to help support a strong immune system. Through much research EpiCor has been shown to balance the immune system and to be beneficial to upper respiratory issues and pollen related issues.

There are numerous levels of how EpiCor works to help build up a healthy immune system and digestive system. Combining this powerhouse of fermented whole foods with Buried Treasure’s blend of other immune boosting ingredients make up this daily immune supplement Prevention ACF. Prevention ACF combines EpiCor with Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry, Citrus Bioflavonoids and other ingredients to create this unique comprehensive daily immune support supplement.

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