Advanced Adult Daily Immune Support for Immune System Balance

Advanced Adult Daily Immune Support for Immune System Balance

The health of your immune system is essential for keeping your body healthy. As your body’s natural defense system, it is made up of a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs that defend against invaders.

This system is composed of a network of complex functions that protect your body against infection and disease development (1). These processes also change across the lifespan.

If your immune system is weak and unable to fortify the body’s natural protective barriers and functions, pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites can invade and cause illness.

Therefore, nutrition support is an important part of boosting the natural immune defense. The immune system needs specific micronutrients to function properly – including vitamins A, D, C, E, B6, and B12, folate, zinc, iron, copper, and selenium (2). These vitamins and minerals play vital roles at every stage of the immune response.

If your diet is low in these micronutrients, an immune supplement like Adult Daily Immune may help build immune strength to keep you healthy all year long.


What is ACF Adult Daily Immune Wellness?

Buried Treasure™ Adult Daily Immune Wellness (formerly Prevention ACF) is a potent and synergistic combination of bioactive herbs, minerals and vitamins that will help maintain and balance your body's immune system as well as soothe the inflammatory process.

The 8 Natural Ingredients of Adult Daily Immune Wellness


  1. Vitamin C – Promotes beneficial effects on the functions of both the innate (or first response) and adaptive (or learning) immune system. Vitamin C is necessary for the immune system to mount and sustain an adequate response while avoiding excessive damage to the host.  Vitamin C deficiency is the fourth leading nutrient deficiency in the United States and this deficiency has been shown to reduce the function of the immune system (3).


  1. Zinc – Supports a healthy immune system by supporting both the development and expression of immune cells, contributing to crucial enzyme functions, and providing antioxidant activity (4). Zinc deficiency has been linked to a greater susceptibility to pathogens (5).


  1. Elderberry – Research has shown that elderberry may stimulate the immune system (6). Elderberry has also been shown to provide activity against bacteria (8). Elderberry is also rich in polyphenols known to be helpful in regulating bradykinins.


  1. Citrus Bioflavonoids – Such as hesperidin and rutin support nutritional status both generally as well as in terms of amplify a healthy immune function (9). Bioflavonoids support the function of immune cells, including white blood cells and lymphocytes.


  1. Epicor – This is a powerhouse whole food fermentate that contains beneficial Beta Glucans, proteins, and fibers to help stimulate a healthy digestive system. The concept started on a family farm in the early 1900’s.  It was developed into a cow feed additive to increase health and production.  Decades later people began to realize the workers making this feed additive were healthier than most.  Epicor supports the body in 4 distinct ways (10): 


  1. It strengthens mucosal membranes including the gut, eyes, mouth, nose, and others throughout our bodies to help trap pathogens before they cause harm.
  2. It increases NK natural killer cell activity, a type of white blood cell that are fast and effective in seeking out and destroying invaded or rogue cells.
  3. Epicor contributes to antioxidant activity in the body.
  4. Acts as a prebiotic in our gut, which is a major player in the function of our immune system.


  1. Beta Glucans – This is a source of soluble plant fiber that promotes the release of chemicals that assist in modulating the immune system (11).
  1. Reishi, shiitake, and maitake –  These are part of a family of mushrooms that provide potent immunomodulation by modifying the function of white blood cells, like natural killer cells (12). They also naturally contain beta glucans to further enhance this action.
  1. Standardized olive leaf extract – This is an extract high in antioxidants that are known to maintain equilibrium in both the immune system and stave off oxidative damage (13).


Other Important Adult Daily Immune Wellness Benefits and Information

Buried Treasure™ Adult Daily Immune Wellness is a deeply potent immune support product. It is in liquid form for ease of use and quick assimilation into the body.

This formula combines vitamins, minerals, herbs, mushrooms, ferments, and other nutrients to create a broad-reaching foundation your immune system can use when you determine it's needed. It is focused on modulating the immune system and inflammatory process for a balanced approach to defense.


Can Adult Daily Immune Wellness Balance Your Immune System?

In current circumstances, all people should be doing everything they can to support their immune systems.

Because of this, if you’re looking for help to maintain and balance your body's immune system as well as soothe the inflammatory process.

Additionally, this product is also ideal during times of seasonal changes and immune challenges.

In regards to Adult Daily Immune Wellness, remember:


  • This product is intended for adults
  • If you’ve heard the circulating rumor that you should not take elderberry with Covid-19, understand that this speculation is based on the possibility that elderberry can stimulate the production of cytokines (inflammatory immune cells necessary for mounting certain defenses). Covid-19, at its worst outcome, is thought to end in a deadly cytokine storm.  There is no evidence that elderberry has the ability to create or promote any such levels of cytokine production (or that the avoidance of it can reduce this possibility).


As always, seek the advice of a trusted medical professional when considering taking a new supplement, especially if you are experiencing side effects.


Author: Allison Lansman, RDN, LD