Buried Treasure Grape Minerals and Natural Lemonade Sports Drink

Buried Treasure Grape Minerals and Natural Lemonade Sports Drink

Andrew and Matthew demonstrate another refreshing and rehydrating drink. This drink is great for athletes, exercise enthusiasts or anyone needing a natural alternative to sports drinks. Buried Treasure Grape Minerals is sourced from humic shale and contains over 70 trace and macro minerals which are essential for replacing electrolytes. The grape flavor is 100% natural concord and white grape juice. The lemonade is a mix of water, lemons and Stevia for sweetener.

This Grape Lemonade drink replaces any sports drinks that contain artificial ingredients, colors or are loaded with sugar. This recipe per 16 oz serving only has 3 grams of sugar which occur from the grape juice. The lemonade adds Vitamin C which is necessary for certain minerals to be absorbed into the cell membrane to real refreshment.

Another way to enjoy Buried Treasure products. Naturally rehydrate, refresh and replenish your electrolytes with this recipe.



6 medium lemons – squeeze and remove pulp (optional) and seeds

4 cups of water

1-2 teaspoons of stevia

Add 4 oz of Buried Treasure Grape Minerals.

Serve chilled or over ice. This makes 4 16 oz servings.

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