Buried Treasure Hydrating Sports Drink Recipe

Buried Treasure Hydrating Sports Drink Recipe

Andrew and Matthew demonstrate a new Buried Treasure recipe – Acai Complete with Pure Minerals for a real hydrating, refreshing ‘sports drink’.   Buried Treasure Acai Complete is made from organic Acai, organic Pomegranate with Goji Berry and our Ultra Berry blend.   Buried Treasure Pure Minerals is sourced from humic shale which contains over 70 trace minerals and essential electrolytes.   

This recipe eliminates all artificial colors, ingredients and flavorings.   This Buried Treasure recipe also is low in sugar but high in antioxidants and electrolytes.    Acai Complete naturally gives an energy boost with 16,000 mg of antioxidants.  Pure Minerals contains 900 mg of over 70 trace minerals.    

Our new sports drink recipe will help to replenish, rehydrate and refresh!   


4 oz of Buried Treasure Acai Complete

4 oz of Buried Treasure Pure Colloidal Minerals

64 oz of water plus ice

Makes 4 16 oz servings.   

Suggestions:  add splash of natural lemon juice for Vitamin C and added flavor