Buried Treasure Now RangeMe Verified Supplier

Buried Treasure Now RangeMe Verified Supplier

RangeMe.com is a platform for retail buyers to meet suppliers.   With a simple online dashboard buyers can search and view thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers.   Buyers can search and compare products from all over the world.

Buried Treasure has been listed on RangeMe.com since early 2017.   This fall, RangeMe launched a new verified supplier program.   The verification program scrutinizes every supplier and product listing thoroughly.   Each supplier must pass an eight point check to ensure accuracy of information being presented.

In early October 2017 Buried Treasure presented all the facts for all the product listings including product labels, barcodes, nutritional information and insurance information.   With all the pieces in place Buried Treasure now is a verified supplier.   

All Buried Treasure products are ready for supplement buyers to view on RangeMe.com.   Any nutritional supplement, vitamin and wellness department buyers looking to fill their shelves with high quality high potency supplements take a look at Buried Treasure on RangeMe.com here.   With the verified supplier any retail store and their customers be assured the Buried Treasure brand represents top quality products without compromises.  

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