Buried Treasure Health Tips: It’s Time to Think of Summer Health

It’s Time to Think of Summer Health

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What do you think of when you think of summer?

Maybe you think of the sun, more time for outdoor activities, wearing bathing suits, lighter food intake…..

Whatever it may be, it’s a good time to have a positive attitude and think about your health for the summer months.

Some things that you may want to plan in to your schedule…..

Outdoor relaxing time: You may want to try adding some relaxation time and plan to eat dinner outside on a patio, picnic bench or maybe as the sun sets to eat on a blanket to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. It is very healthy.

A great deal of research has been done showing evidence that there are physical and psychological health benefits being outdoors. 

Being outdoors in the garden, park or forest can significantly reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, and boost endorphin levels and the brain neurotransmitter dopamine production. These compounds are both involved with a happy feeling. Even getting out in urban nature if you live in a city can help.

Bug protection: The bugs seem to like some of us more than others, but it is wise to be safe and be aware of those

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the following products that contain active ingredients that protect and last for a significant amount of time against bites of disease-carrying insects: DEET or Picaridin found in lawn and garden parts of a store; but also Oil of lemon eucalyptus, which is a clinically proven plant-based repellent to protect against mosquitos.
They also recommend checking for ticks on yourself and children after spending time outdoors.

Sunscreen: Protect yourself and your family from the sun using at least SPF 15 and paying attention to how often you are putting it on. Also, it is essential to wear proper sunglasses to protect your eyes and protective clothing. 

Safety with Fireworks: We all enjoy sitting out in front of an outdoor campfire and/or enjoying Fourth of July fireworks, but please put safety first for you and your family. Every year, thousands of people experience injuries and taken to hospital emergency rooms because of firework injuries. The majority of injuries include fingers, hands, eyes, face and head. Always be sure that children are not left alone with fireworks, even sparklers. Do not let small children handle fireworks.

Fruits and vegetables: Try to add more nutrients into your summer fun with fruit and vegetable salads. They provide many nutrients and fiber. Because of their water content it is also good to add more to our diet during summer months when fluids are needed.

Strategize your supplement program: Instead of just popping pills in your mouth, make an appointment with yourself to look at what you are taking, look at directions and expiration dates. You know yourself better than anyone so make your plan in writing.

Time to evaluate your daily water and fluid intake: Most of us are aware of the summer time heat and the importance of hydration. In hot and humid climates it is not uncommon to become dehydrated.

Drinking coffee in the morning has become a usual habit for many and one may forget about drinking water unless you go to lunch with a friend and the restaurant provides water.

Some common signs of dehydration are headaches, nausea and pain or cramps in muscles. Nevertheless, thirst is the most common sign of dehydration. So if you are thirsty, you may be on your way to dehydration. The National Institutes of Health states that staying well hydrated may help reduce the risk of heart problems.

For athletes, those that workout and those who are out in the heat because of work or other should truly follow a fluid replacement plan.

Besides fluid, when one exercises and/or spends time outdoors, they sweat and lose key minerals, which includes electrolytes. It is critical that people that are active and outdoors replenish with these important minerals essential for bodily functions.

Beverage drinks can be provided with Fulvic minerals:

There is a source of nutrients called fulvic minerals, which are found naturally occurring  in rocks in the Himalayas or mined in the mountains of the United States such as in Utah. It is also found in organic matter of compost, soil, peat, and humus, humic shale, and shilajit. The organic compounds are slowly formed over a period of time from prehistoric plants, which have decomposed over centuries. These types of beverage drinks contain good sources of essential minerals needed in the summertime.

Exercise outdoors:

If you plan to workout outside, it is recommended to go out in the morning or evening since it usually is cooler and try to find shaded areas.

The right clothing:

If you plan to spend the day outside, try to wear clothes that are lighter colors and lightweight. In addition, looser fitting clothes also are beneficial.

How to get more water into your daily routine……….

  • Write out a plan as to how much water you will drink daily. Planning usually helps to make it a reality.
  • Select water over high sugar beverages and add a cut slice of lemon or lime.
  • At home, provide a glass of ice cold water with meals for your family
  • Get into the practice of requesting for water when you are eating out at a restaurant. You are increasing your water, while reducing calorie consumption and dollars spent.
  • Prepare in advance to carry a water bottle with you that you can refill during the day or evening.
  • Add to your freezer, freezer safe water bottles. When you or family members go out the door, hand them one to use during the day.
  • For kids, you may want to have them select a favorite flavored, sugar free water drink and add a little to regular water to provide a sweeter, flavorful beverage. 

In summary, as summer approaches it is a great idea to think about your health. Dealing with the sun, the heat, more outdoor activities, bathing suits, lighter food intake may all be things to think about in advance. Keep a positive attitude about your health determining how you will increase water consumption, lighter weight and colored clothes. Enjoy your time outdoors, but be sure to protect against insects.

If you have a health condition and or take medication, it’s always best to check with your healthcare provider prior to starting an exercise program, a new dietary plan and taking supplements.



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