LEAKED! New Products Featured at SOHO Expo

LEAKED! New Products Featured at SOHO Expo

Now that the SOHO Expo organized by the SENPA has come to a close for 2017 we can give some updates for 2018.   Buried Treasure is the process of launching two new products in the next few weeks! Though not fully available yet Buried Treasure has a new mouth rinse and a new Omega 3 DHA Oil.   

Tentatively known as Xyli Swish, this new mouth rinse combines Xylitol, Aloe and Silver in a brand new product.   This will be the first time Buried Treasure has offered any oral care product.   With the increasing demand for more natural plant based products in the oral care segment, Buried Treasure's Xyli Swish fills this need.   More product info will be released and will link to this article.

The next new product is simply called Organic Omega 3 DHA Oil with blueberry flavor.   The organic omega 3 oil comes from Chia seed oil.   The new product is flavored with a hint of natural blueberry.   The importance of Omega 3 plus DHA continues to grow.   Buried Treasure's new product is in a position to meet this growth and benefits.  We will provide more updates as we get closer to an official launch!

Both products were received at the SOHO Expo in Orlando, which ended December 3, with great enthusiasm.   Many who tried the product samples commented on the flavors and need for these products.   We hope to see these items on store shelves and online soon!  As product information becomes available we will provide more updates and product availability.

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