News Release: Buried Treasure 2017 Year in Review

News Release: Buried Treasure 2017 Year in Review

With the successful release of Life Line Foods new products in the single serving pouches – Nutripacs – they are excited for more product growth. For 2017 the focus at Life Line Foods was to perfect the Nutripac packaging. Now the Buried Treasure brand has 9 products available in the revolutionary single serving pouch and “more on the way“ claims Lester Burks Life Line Foods, CMO.

In 2017 they launched several new formulas including Active Woman, Whole Food Multi, Neuro Motivate and Hair, Skin and Nails Plus all in the Nutripac packaging. These new products are a step in reducing packaging and combining essential ingredients into high potency formulations. “What is so revolutionary about the Nutripac is the product requires no refrigeration, you can take it anywhere and the serving size is already measured” said Lester Burks.

Burks states the new products have been received in retail stores with great enthusiasm.   He states there are numerous retail and e-tail stores featuring the new products and expects more retailers to pickup the new items.

In late 2nd quarter 2017 Life Line Foods also launched their widely popular ACF family of products in the same Nutripac packaging. ACF Fast Relief, Extreme ACF Extra Strength and Children’s ACF are now being featured in the single serving Nutripac packaging. Burks and the internal sales team see the products selling well and new stores featuring the products on a regular basis.

“With so many people on the go, it was an obvious move for us to take some of our best selling products and make them more convenient. This doesn’t take away from the 16 oz bottle sizes but only enhances the innovation of our growing brand” says Burks. “We are excited about the growth of the Nutripac products. We hope to continue to build upon our recent success with these items.”

Life Line Foods, LLC is the manufacturer of the Buried Treasure brand. The company has been in operation since 1969. In the late 80’s Life Line Foods launched the Buried Treasure brand and has been a leader in the liquid nutritional supplement industry since.

“Liquid supplements are more absorbable and easier to take than other forms of supplements. We can put more nutrition into a one ounce serving than 40 capsules, tablets or pills” claims Burks. “The single serving Nutripac gives us more advantage by giving the consumer all the daily nutrition they need in a 25 ml pouch. It just makes sense for us to continue to innovate and make our products more consumer friendly.”

Though liquid supplements are only about 5% of the multi-billion dollar supplements industry, Life Line Foods continues to gain market share with staying on the cutting edge of formulations and packaging.