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The Incredible Reasons Minerals Are So Important for Hydration

June 24, 2022

If someone were to say the word hydration to you, the first thing that would probably pop into your mind would be a tall glass of ice-cold water. Of course, you may think about taking a long swig out of a plastic bottle at the gym instead. Or, you may...

It’s Time to Think of Summer Health

June 23, 2022

For Educational Purposes Only What do you think of when you think of summer? Maybe you think of the sun, more time for outdoor activities, wearing bathing suits, lighter food intake….. Whatever it may be, it’s a good time to have a positive attitude and think about your health for...

Athletes, Weekend Warriors or Those Thinking about an Exercise Program

June 11, 2022

For Educational Purposes Only Where do you stand with exercise? Sometimes people say, “My body feels tight” ……so the response should be, “so stretch.” Or “I have no energy,” okay so “do some aerobic conditioning.” Or, “I am not very strong and can’t carry anything.” Well then, “begin a program...

Beet roots – The Mystery of Why They are Health Foods

February 28, 2022

Do beets improve blood circulation and if so why? Beets (Beta vulgaris) are a red root vegetable known, not only for their great nitrate levels, but also noted as a good source of vitamin A, beta carotene and iron. They contain antioxidants and their rich pigment provides essential carotenoids and...

Treasured Beets: A Natural Nitrate Boost for Muscle Function and Vitality

August 12, 2021

Buried Treasure™ Ultra Beets is a super concentrated beet juice (15:1) that naturally provides an array of several health benefits. It is formulated to contain 10X times more antioxidants than your average beetroot juice. Ultra Beets is also nitric oxide supplement, containing 25X times more nitrate than your average beetroot juice.

Four Key Minerals Found in Fulvic Minerals to Help You Stay Hydrated this Summer

July 19, 2021

Summer is synonymous with hot weather and the need for hydration. In recent years, we’ve seen record high temperatures across the globe, which makes staying hydrated more important than ever. For athletes, workout enthusiasts, and anyone out in the heat, replenishing minerals and electrolytes is imperative for health. The Importance...

Fulvic Minerals: What Are They And What Benefits Do They Provide?

June 18, 2020

Fulvic minerals are naturally derived elements that comes from decomposed organic matter. These minerals contain Fulvic and humic acids that provide benefits to health and the body including boosting the immune system, improving brain function, and aiding iron absorption. Because of these benefits, a fulvic mineral supplement may be beneficial to add to your daily diet.

Buried Treasure Grape Minerals and Natural Lemonade Sports Drink

August 16, 2018

Andrew and Matthew demonstrate another refreshing and rehydrating drink. This drink is great for athletes, exercise enthusiasts or anyone needing a natural alternative to sports drinks. Buried Treasure Grape Minerals is sourced from humic shale and contains over 70 trace and macro minerals which are essential for replacing electrolytes. The...