The Buried Treasure Heritage Continues

The Buried Treasure Heritage Continues

Since 1969 Life Line Foods has been on the forefront of offering alternatives to the regular main stream nutritional products.   In the beginning our fresh baked whole grain breads set the path for our company to be different without cutting corners or compromising quality.

Many years later Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients came along with the same philosophy.  Buried Treasure has set the bar for taking nutritional supplements to the next level.   We created the liquid advantage of nutritional supplements and became the leader of liquid supplements.  The Buried Treasure Liquid Advantage simply gives our supplements the advantage of better absorption with higher potency. This allows our products to be more effective for less.

Quality without Compromise

Every ingredient, from our pure mountain spring water to every herb, is tested, scrutinized and under our strictest quality control.   When you start with the finest ingredients and the purest water our products are created, not manufactured, with care and quality.   Our facility in Pikeville, TN is inspected by FDA and USDA.  We follow all GMP guidelines.   Life Line Foods is also one of the founding members of the Natural Products Association.

Buried Treasure continues to be the leader and innovator of the nutritional supplements industry.   Today we are launching many new products in a single serving pouch or NutriPac.   Our NutriPac single serving products are the most effective and convenient way to take the highest potency nutritional supplement with you everywhere you go!   (Update 8/19/2020 NutriPac products have been discontinued)

Our facility produces Solar energy via a 49kw Photovolatic system.

Comprehensive Nutritional Support From Children to Seniors – and in between.

From our Children's Daily Multi to our very popular Active 55 you can trust Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients to deliver quality products for your entire family.   The Buried Treasure PreNatal Complete gives the expecting mother and unborn child the nutrition they need for healthy development and support.  Buried Treasure even offers nutritional supplements to help over come cold and flu symptoms faster with our ACF family of products.

Our Life Line Foods family is here from generation to generation to help your family grow healthy and stay healthy with our uncompromising nutritional supplements.