The Need For MAP

The Need For MAP

In recent years Buried Treasure/Life Line Foods, LLC has taken aggressive action against MAP violators. As a consumer this many not seem good for you on the surface. However, as a retailer or e-tailer, you want a brand manufacturer to stand by the value of their products.

We don’t blame any consumer for wanting a lower price. But, as a manufacturer when we see any company selling below our minimum advertised price this throws a red flag with several implications. If we do not have a direct relationship with the company selling below MAP, we have a difficult time tracking down where that product came from. This also puts the consumer in a difficult situation. Why are they selling so cheap? Is the product still good? Has been opened or spoiled? Is the product out of date? If the seller posts product details that are false then it may cause some serious legal issues. These are just a few reasons why we at Life Line Foods take a hard stand against MAP violators and unauthorized sellers.

As a company who opened it’s doors in 1969 we have very good relationships with retail stores around the country. We have very personal relationships with many independent store owners. They are reason why we have been so successful. Our chain stores and independent retailers believe in our products. We have a duty to the retailer who trains their staff on the value of Buried Treasure products to honor our pricing. Since it is the independent business owner who helped build our business we must uphold that relationship.

The article below is a repost from Whole Foods Magazine. Please read more on How To Deal with MAP.

Presented on April 19 by WholeFoods Magazine and sponsored by Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients, this webinar panel discussion breaks down what retailers and manufacturers need to know about MAP from experts in the field. The discussion is moderated by Laurie Petersen, editor-in-chief, WholeFoods Magazine and panelists include:
  • Ed Jones, owner, Nutrition World and co-founder,
  • Chase Ballard, general manager, Nutrition World and co-founder,
  • Taylor Hamilton, owner of Tunie’s and Recommerce
  • Lester Burks, CEO, Life Line Foods, LLC
  • Daren Garcia, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP