Transparency in Manufacturing

Transparency in Manufacturing

Since 1969 Life Line Foods has made a commitment to creating quality products that are good for you without cutting corners. From a small bakery in the mountains of East Tennessee, Life Line Foods has always been transparent in our manufacturing practices. From the very beginning we made a commitment to use only quality ingredients from reputable sources and we believe that quality products start with quality ingredients.

Many years later Life Line Foods launched the Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients brand. Using only plant-based ingredients sourced from reliable companies that provided valid testing results. How could we be the industry leader in the liquid supplements segment without being transparent in our sourcing?

Today there are numerous companies competing against the Buried Treasure brand. Others see the value in liquid nutritional supplements even as Buried Treasure continues to innovate and strives in our manufacturing process. Buried Treasure continues to be the liquid supplements leader with synergistic formulas, higher potencies, higher quality ingredients and bringing the best value to our consumers.

Quality to Buried Treasure, means finding sources with verified analysis, highest potencies and the cleanest results. Each ingredient no matter where in the world it’s sourced, must meet our stringent standards before we even consider using it in our products. Quality is not sacrificed for cost.

In our global economy, not every ingredient can be sourced from right here in the United States. Our ingredients come from all over the world including Italy, India, China and others. Regardless of the country, the ingredient manufacture must also commit to transparency. Our source companies from overseas use the very same standards as we do here in the United States.

Several of the global standards used by our source companies originated from the U.S. When we find an ingredient source we first want to know what standard they are using to test their product. Through a Certificate of Analysis, we can be assured of their standard of testing methods. Every company we purchase from must use a testing method similar to or the same methods used by the FDA, USP or AOAC. With these testing standards we know the quality, potency and ‘cleanliness’ of each ingredient.

Buried Treasure has nothing to hide when it comes to the source of our ingredients. You can clearly see we don’t add any artificial colors, fillers or flavors. It is our commitment to our valued customers to prove that quality ingredients create quality products.