Why BPA/BPS Should Not Be Used

Why BPA/BPS Should Not Be Used

The Life Line Foods company (LLC) has been one of the companies at the forefront to ensure the plastic bottles for our products do not contain BPA or BPS. This has been achieved mainly through the utilization of technology and automatic detection to ensure that none of the containers containing these harmful products are found in circulation.

Most of the plastic bottles and food containers we use come with a label ‘BPA-free’ or ‘BPA/BPS-free’. What exactly are these? One would ask. BPA stands for the chemical bisphenol-A. BPA in particular was in so much use back in the 60’s in the manufacture of plastic but was challenged because of its probable adverse effects on our health. BPS came as a replacement of BPA but its use has also been phased out.

These two chemicals have been associated with increased risk of development of a number of asthma, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Furthermore, they cause a disruption of hormones, which are other chemicals in the body responsible for communication between body cells. The result can be alteration of sexual and reproductive function.

In the United States, the ban on baby plastic bottles containing BPA was instituted in the year 2012 and a marked reduction in their number has been seen. However, some of plastic containers cannot be ascertained to be BPA free. This comes against a backdrop of some contradictory information from the American Chemistry Council which maintains that BPA is a safe compound after all. In order to avoid all the confusion, it is advisable to use stainless steel to store food or utilize glasses. When shopping for food times that are packaged in plastic containers, it is important to exercise due diligence and check the labels. Those with label numbers 1, 2,4 and 5 are generally considered to be safe for use. One should avoid the plastic containers labelled 3 and 6 because they are likely to contain BPA/BPS.

All Life Line Foods products which are bottled in plastic are BPA free. Life Line Foods fully understands the importance of producing quality products. Being BPA free ensures Life Line Food's customers that all products and packaging are safe.

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