About Us

BURIED TREASURE is manufactured by a privately owned company, Life Line Foods, which has been involved in the Health Food Industry since 1969. BURIED TREASURE is a nutriceutical division, founded in 1996, and specializes in manufacturing liquid minerals, liquid vitamins, and liquid specialty nutrient formulas. It is on the cutting edge of manufacturing high potency liquid complexes designed for efficient absorption and greater bioavailability.

BURIED TREASURE produces optimum potency synergistic liquid formulas which contain no fillers, binders, or excipients. Experience the “liquid advantage” with BURIED TREASURE.

Andrew Burks is the Chief Managing Officer of Life Line Foods. Life Line Foods was founded by the Burks family in 1969 and has been serving the health food industry for over 45 years.

In the early years, they produced organic breads which were hand-delivered to customers throughout the southeast and later became the first producer of an all-organic frozen pizza to be sold nationwide. Andrew Burks grew up in the family business, and over the years watched his grandmother struggle with painful rheumatoid arthritis.

Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients was founded to fulfill a need for highly absorbable liquid nutrients that were both affordable and of the highest potency so they could deliver the lowest cost per milligram of utilized nutrients. Such passion has driven the growth and acceptance of the natural products industry.

Today Life Line Foods manufactures over 36 Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrient products. The Buried Treasure brand is featured in major health food chains and thousands of retail stores throughout the US and worldwide.

Buried Treasure’s vision for the future is to ensure the highest quality products with ease of use. Life Line Foods plans on rolling out many new products in easy-to-use portable nutritional supplements that can be taken anywhere!