It is Our Responsibility

It is Our Responsibility

Responsibility means to be accountable. Life Line Foods, manufacturer of Buried Treasure products, has committed to take responsibility of our environment. We can’t save the entire world, but we can do our part to minimize our carbon foot print, recycle as much as possible and be mindful of our waste.

Since 2010 Life Line Foods has added an array of solar panels to our manufacturing facility and offices in TN. Today our solar panels produce approximately 50 KW of electricity. This allows us to run our 50% of our facility on solar power. To also help save on electricity, we have elected to close our production line and main facility Friday through Sunday without losing employee work hours!

Life Line Foods also have committed to using more environmentally friendly shipping filler. We use water soluble corn starch based ‘peanuts’ in our shipping department. This filler contains no cfc and is edible. So when a huge storm locks us in grab some popcorn nuts with MCT coconut oil for a snack!

We do our part to recycle as much as possible. We currently reuse our cardboard for boxes and other uses. Life Line Foods is in the process of switching all our packaging materials to recycled cardboard within the next 4-6 months. This will help us reuse 100% of all cardboard in our facility.

All Buried Treasure products are made with filtered mountain spring water. This keeps our use on the rural community water to a minimum. We use the resources around us to support and sustain our business.

As well, Buried Treasure products are produced in BPA free plastic bottles and are recyclable. This means our bottles are environmentally safe and free from harmful contaminants.

Life Line Foods takes a responsible role in doing what we can to lower our carbon foot print, reuse and recycle materials and minimize our impact on our local community resources. When you purchase Buried Treasure products you can be assured you are buying from a responsible company.